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from £1.50

Eight digit dual power 10cm ruler calculator with magnifying glass.

from £1.88

Flip lid calculator with rubber grips.

from £2.06

Eight digit basic calculator.

from £2.38

Plastic, LCD, eight digit calculator. Batteries included.

from £2.58

20cm/8 calculator ruler. Button batteries included.

from £2.59

Dual powered desk calculator with adjustable screen.

from £2.83

Plastic eight digit calculator with rubber sides and automatic opening lid. Batteries included.

from £3.08

Desk calculator. Batteries included.

from £3.51

Highly flexible dual powered calculator. Available in a bright range of fun colours with high profile buttons.

from £3.99

Water powered calculator with dispenser.

from £4.53

Mobile phone shaped ten digit calculator with silver coloured rim, including memory, percentage, and square root calculation functions. Batteries included.

from £4.72

Water powered calculator.



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