Bare Necessities is a toiletry bank based in South Manchester, founded by two friends, determined to do something to help local people have equal access to personal hygiene products. They work with local organisations and charities to collect, package and distribute toiletry and hygiene essentials

Hygiene poverty is a largely undiscussed layer of poverty and is affecting lots of local people with devastating effects on their lives, but what is it? 

Put simply, it’s not being able to afford the basic toiletries we all take for granted; it’s when these things become out-of-reach luxuries. 

·      It’s a toothbrush used for two years

·      It’s using the same washing-up liquid for the pots, your hair and clothes cleaning

·      It’s having to choose; eating or keeping clean, but not both

·      It’s humiliating and shaming

·      It’s rationing toilet paper

·      It's fashioning sanitary products from toilet roll

Around 9 children in every average UK classroom of 30 are thought to live in poverty    

To reach out to as many people as possible they work with existing organisations and charities whose clients are suffering financial hardship or poverty. This way, in helping one, they help many. 

They encourage local people to donate toiletries and hygiene essentials at their donation points of which Hatters is just one.

If you’d like to make a donation or find out more speak to the Hatters Team or contact